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March 1, 2023
What's new


  • Ability to convert any text block into a task;
  • Assign a due date;
  • Assign an assignee;
  • Task panel (sidebar);
  • Notifications.

Toggle list;

Toggle list

Visual grouping of tiles;

Visual grouping of tiles

Display of live editor position in collaborative mode;

Display of live editor position in collaborative mode

Autoresize of tiles height while typing text.

Mobile App:

  • Implemented tasks;
  • Added a filter for assignees on the panel;
  • Implemented changing the date and assignees of a task on the task screen.
What's improved

Web App and Desktop App:

  • Improved performance of Drag and Drop;
  • Display the author's of reactions;
  • Image uploads now have a blurhash.

Mobile App:

  • Improved synchronization of Quick Notes and Document editing.

Download the iOS app here, and the Android app here

Bug Fixes
Previous releases: