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August 8, 2023
What's new

Collections: Organize your information into logical knowledge bases making navigation easier and establishing connections between items. You can use different collection views, such as “Card”, “Board”, and “Calendar”, to conveniently work with it.

  • Card View: Represent blocks and tiles as a gallery of individual cards with brief descriptions and media.

  • Board View: It’s a classic Kanban with columns. Add blocks and tiles on a board as columns representing different stages of execution. Cards can be moved between stages columns according to status, aiding in controlling and optimizing the workflow.

  • Calendar View: Add cards within cells on a calendar. It facilitates easy planning and tracking of events, meetings, and other activities using calendar dates. This display mode promotes better time management and event scheduling organization.

Nested Tiles: You can create links from one tile to another, providing convenient navigation and interconnection between different tiles.

  • Bookmark/Card View: The ability to customize the appearance of a link to specific tiles within your project has been introduced (it does not work with mentions).

  • Tile Mentions: You can now reference other tiles within a different block within the project.

  • BackLinks: A new feature has been added to facilitate easy navigation between tiles and return to the previous content.

Tasks 2.0:

  • Set Time: You can now assign a time to tasks, reminding yourself of important tasks and plans;
  • Reminders: The ability to set reminders has been implemented, helping you not to miss any deadlines or events;
  • Recurrent: You can now configure recurring tasks, automating routine processes (available for paid users or in trial).

Group Pages: The option to group pages has been introduced.

You can download the iOS app here and the Android app here. In addition, you can also download the Mac app and Windows app, as well as the web clipper.

What's improved
Bug Fixes
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