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xTiles lets you create shareable templates that can be used across the design process โ€” from planning to research and ideation. Create a visual project hub with our template collection.

Create your project plan design with xTiles templates

Design is often about managing a hundred small tasks at the same time. You need to change colors and fonts, make adjustments to the size of various elements, add or reduce white space, and so on. It can be challenging to keep track of everything amidst a continuous stream of tasks. This is where design templates come in as invaluable tools for organizing your work routine effortlessly.

Whether you work in motion design, UX/UI, or graphic design, having a quick and easy way to organize your projects is essential for maintaining control and delivering the desired results for both you and your clients. Project plan templates serve as a guiding framework, helping you navigate step-by-step through the project and its key points. They not only streamline the often tedious aspects of your creative job but also act as a springboard for effective communication with your clients and teammates.

Another important tool for designers that helps gain new ideas, develop the current ones, and find the way out of the bottleneck and inspiration is mood boards. They allow for organizing any kind of content in a coherent way to provide you with valuable insights or to help you create and share your unique vision for the project with your team or clients.

Interior design brief templates help designers gather all the important information from their clients before they start designing. These templates serve as a comprehensive reference throughout the entire process, offering guidance when faced with uncertainties. Not only do they help designers stay focused on clientsโ€™ vision and requirements, but they also serve as a documented record of discussions and agreements, ensuring clarity and accountability throughout the project.

Why use xTiles design templates?

Some individuals believe that designers don't require ready-to-use templates since they can aesthetically arrange their work data without external assistance or pre-made solutions. However, when you spend days creating intricate design elements and brainstorming innovative solutions, you may find yourself lacking the time or energy to invest in tracking tasks, creating briefs for clients, and planning. That's where xTiles design templates come into play, enabling you to save time and preserve the creative energy needed for the real job at hand.

Moreover, design team templates play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and keeping teams aligned. Effective communication is paramount for the success of any design project, but it can be particularly challenging for remote teams scattered across different time zones.

Design team templates act as a centralized hub, providing an easy-to-manage workspace where team members can collaborate seamlessly. By utilizing these templates, team members can share information, coordinate efforts, and ensure that everyone remains synchronized, even in a dispersed work environment.

When you can find the answer without interrupting others from their work, you both win. And easy navigation in xTiles documents allows for keeping any information or content at hand.

In the world of design, where attention to detail and efficient organization is key, utilizing templates can greatly enhance productivity, streamline processes, and unleash your creativity to its fullest potential. By saving you from unnecessary routine tasks that can tire more than hours of hard work and creativity, ready-to-use design templates help you keep your projects and ideas organized and synchronized with your colleagues.