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Templates help you gather ideas and build a plot line or character portrait. Simplify your work in several ways, and get more time for creativity.

Create Your Article, Story, Essay, Brief, or Book Using Writing Templates Online

Online writing templates are tools for turning even the smallest idea into something bigger and interesting for readers effortlessly and quickly. They help organize thoughts, texts, and ideas, ensuring you deliver a great story in the end without tormenting yourself while working on it.

Novice writers need support and guidance, which is not always possible to get from skilled colleagues. So, templates for writing come in handy. They become a framework to build upon their most brave and crazy stories.

Each text is special, and there are dozens and dozens of possible kinds of texts. You may have polished your ability to write science research papers, but you may be completely petrified once you get a task to write a story. What to do? Where to start? A story planning template will help you coherently organize your ideas into a plan for your book, which will serve during your writing.

A template for writing a story helps in all stages of writing, and then it will be a helpful retrospective tool when you or your editor start going over the text. Since it can preserve even those ideas and plot solutions you discarded during the work.

Other writing templates work the same way. A template for writing a book or a writing-a-song template helps you organize your text, ideas, notes, and suggestions so that they don’t become a burden to you and you don’t miss some interesting detail or point. Any interesting word or rhyme you want to use, any interesting word punch or allusion you consider to belong to your song, should end up in your writing-a-song template.

Why Use xTiles Writing Templates?

Writing is never easy due to many reasons. You don’t exactly like what you’re writing about, you lack great ideas, you’re stuck on an empty page, or you don’t know how to resolve a conflict between your characters, or your ideas and plans look like gibberish with no consequent profit for your writing, etc. 

These and many other possible issues a writer might encounter during writing might have terrible effects on the text and themselves. By suppressing writers’ creativity and belittling their self-confidence, such issues sometimes lead to quitting the assignment. That's why the number of great stories that have never been told is much greater than the number of stories we can read today.

As we already mentioned, there are many kinds of texts, and looking for a template for each one might be time-consuming and frustrating. xTiles templates, being easily customizable, can serve any writing purpose. You simply adjust them depending on your needs and the needs of your story.

Each writing template is a small workspace devoted to your text only. There will be nothing else that might distract or mislead you. By building a strict border around what you need for the text and leaving your other works behind, you can stay focused and dedicate all of your creativity to one project at a time.

While working on your text, you will change your mind dozens or even hundreds of times. Characters that were intended to die at the beginning of the story become too significant to kill them, a solution to a conflict might not seem convincing anymore as you start to develop it in detail, and so on. A writing template will help you keep all these changes and suggestions in order so that you don't sink into chaos and your text isn't full of inconsistencies.

xTiles writing templates are perfect basic frameworks for those who only make their first steps in writing and those who have been doing this for years.