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A free template for quick and easy grocery shopping. Minimize the time you normally spend in a grocery shop.


Grocery Shopping list template

While shopping is a pleasant experience for many of us, going to buy groceries sometimes is a torment. And after spending an hour choosing what you need to cook dinner, you come home with something you didn’t even need in the first place.

Many people believe that the ability to buy what is needed in a grocery shop quickly is something that comes with experience. Alas, everything is a bit harder because every shop is built in a way to keep you as long as possible and convince you to buy the stuff you never needed. And now, you’re angry with yourself, eating your snacks, and there’s no nutritious food in the house

So, how to win your grocery fight every time? It’s simple – a grocery shopping list! It will help you stick to your initial plan once you enter a grocery store, it will help you resist the temptation to buy what you don’t need, and it will help you purchase everything you need.

Whether you’re buying groceries for yourself only, for a family of nine members, or for the office team, you need to keep in mind a lot. The xTiles Grocery List Template will do it instead of you.

Why do You need a grocery list?

Our menu sometimes costs us more than our leisure, clothes, gym memberships, etc. And since we can’t stop buying food, many people simply put up with the fact that being well-fed is expensive. Well, not necessarily. But overspending on the food we didn’t need is super expensive. Additionally, your budget isn’t the only one that gets hurt every month. The amount of food people throw away grows every year. Only imagine how much water was used to grow that broccoli you threw after it spent two weeks in your fridge untouched after your urge to start eating healthier evaporated.

So, a good grocery list used regularly and correctly by more people would have a butterfly effect on our environment. You get only the food you need, you decrease the amount of food you throw away because it’s out-of-date, and you save money and the planet. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Besides global issues, a grocery store list will help you control your diet. If you’re determined to buy only what is on your list, you won’t come home with snacks and treats instead of real food. 

How to create a grocery list

The grocery lists may be of two kinds:

  1. a big one for a week or so 
  2. a spur-of-the-moment one. 

However, whether you need to buy a lot of groceries for you won’t have time to visit a shop every other day or whether you need to buy something because you abruptly craved to make tiramisu for dinner, you need to prepare – create your grocery list.

A weekly grocery list is an optimal option for people who hate the idea of visiting a store every few days. One big shopping trip and you’re free for a whole week, and you won’t die of hunger.

So, let’s make your grocery list.

  1. Normally, our menu is pretty much the same most of the time. We add new dishes or food only from time to time. Except for the cases where you need to change your diet upside down. So, having a basic grocery shopping list may save you a lot of time. You just need to analyze what you usually eat during a week (or for how long you usually buy groceries), put that down, and turn it into a list. 
  2. Group the items you need. It will save you the time you spend in a store. If you start with milk, then you go buy your veggies, and then you have to return to the dairy section again because you also need cheese, and so on. That will be much easier for those with a meal plan because they can easily analyze their dishes. Meal planners also help you avoid buying unnecessary food.
  3. Don’t forget to leave some space for unpredictable things and treats. We need them too.

How to use the xTiles Grocery list template

We believe a grocery list is supposed to ease your life. What does you grocery list usually look like? A list made on a scrap of paper, words are almost inseparable from one another, then we put it into a pocket, where it gets crumpled. Have you seen people in stores who are ashamed of their groceries lists?

That’s why we offer you an edible ready-to-go grocery list template. We have already divided food into the most popular categories, so it will be easier to keep everything in order.

Also, it’s perfect for sharing with your partner or roommate. Both of you will have access to the list, and once something is purchased, you just put a tick, so the other one will know it’s done.

You may use the xTiles Grocery List template as your weekly grocery list or for different occasions. For example, when you need to buy food before the party or dinner for your guests.

Grocery List
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