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This free template will help you plan your outfits for a week to save you time in the mornings. Best for everyone who faces trouble getting ready for work or any other activities, for people trying to develop their personal style, and who like being the best dressed anywhere they go.


Outfit Planner Template

How much time do you normally need to choose what you will be wearing the whole day? Is this task easy for you? Is this task responsible for you because your outfit has a huge impact on how you feel during the day?

Whether we want it or not, how and what we wear affects our lives. And when the process is unestablished, it might affect it badly. An outfit planner is a great way to forget about standing in front of your closet, doubting every single piece of clothes. 

By finding your best outfit planner app and incorporating it into your planning routine, you save yourself time for an extra 5 or 10 minutes of sleep every morning. 

The xTiles Outfit Planner Template helps people find their unique style and build their wardrobes to express their individuality through their clothes. Combine it with the guide you will find below to reach the best results!

What is outfit planning?

Have you ever experienced that frustrating moment when you stand in front of your closet, wrapped in a towel, and nothing seems right? Have you ever felt like the friend who has the worst outfit at the party? Have you ever checked your outfit in every front store because you’re not sure you chose the right outfit?

The mornings filled with discarded clothing options scattered across the bed or resorting to wearing the same thing every day indicate the need for a change. If there’s a chair with your clothes in the corner of your room that grows every day because you can’t make up your mind when getting ready, you need a change. If you’re annoyed during the day because you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, you need a change.

By dedicating some time to outfit planning, you can transform your mornings and daily life.

The key is to plan your complete outfit at least the night before you need to get ready. However, when you dedicate a couple of hours (this time will shorten when you get to know your needs and how your wardrobe suits them) once a week, you have more time for other activities in the morning or can sleep 5 minutes more.

With a little advance preparation, you pave the way to becoming a stylish individual in a stress-free way. 

Benefits of planning your outfits regularly

Planning in any aspect of life provides a productivity boost on multiple fronts. Dedicate a day, like Sunday or Saturday, to prepare everything for the upcoming week, and experience a sense of accomplishment as you tick off each task on your to-do list. It's an exhilarating and motivating experience!

Moreover, the days you benefit from your planning efforts will yield a productivity surge. Since you won't have to rush as much, you'll find yourself more productive simply because you're in a better headspace at the start of the day. 

Alternatively, you might experience increased productivity because you'll spend less time getting dressed and more time investing in yourself—whether through a workout, reading a book, or starting your work early!

One of the key advantages of wardrobe planning is the additional time you gain by preparing in advance. How much time do you usually have to complete your morning routine? We’re all humans, and hitting snooze in the morning usually seems to be a good idea, even though it never is. We get up abruptly and wear the closest pair of jeans we can find and a T-shirt from yesterday to make it to work on time. A day that starts like that cannot be a nice one.

Instead of getting up earlier to complete your morning routine before leaving the house or running in a rush to get ready, you can leisurely take your time on a weekend or a free weekday evening to curate the perfect outfits. No rush, no stress.

That allows your outfits to appear more polished and suitable for your busy days ahead. If you've been lacking the joy of assembling outfits recently, wardrobe planning offers an excellent opportunity to rekindle your love for fashion.

Regularly planning your outfits helps you save money and spend them wisely when shopping. Have you ever cleaned out your closet and discovered forgotten treasures hidden in the back? Well, when you plan your outfits, you can delve into the depths of your wardrobe and revive those long-forgotten pieces, giving them a new lease on life. Besides, fashion goes in circles, so maybe something that has collected dust in your wardrobe since 2012 is trendy again. 

Furthermore, preparing your outfits will prevent you from purchasing duplicate clothing items when you've completely forgotten that you already have something similar.

Another advantage planning your wardrobe may bring you is experiments with your style. If you feel that your clothes lack trendiness or a fashion-forward appeal, planning ahead is an excellent way to start exploring different styles! 

You'll have more time to dive into Pinterest, fashion blogs, and Instagram profiles of your favorite fashion influencers to curate unique looks that inspire you.

Perhaps your usual tonal outfits will now burst with vibrant colors. Or maybe your cottage core aesthetic will take on an edgy twist. When you prepare your looks in advance, you have the opportunity to make your outfits truly stand out!

What is an outfit planner template?

An outfit planner template is a tool to help individuals organize and plan their outfits in advance to prevent hasty decisions in the morning and maintain consistency in their style during a certain period of time. It typically consists of sections for every day of the week or categories where you can note down details such as clothing items, accessories, shoes, and any other elements you want to incorporate into your outfit. 

An outfit planner template will be useful for people who want to turn their wardrobe into something that expresses their individuality and for professional stylists who create outfits for many clients at the same time. If you belong to the second category, an outfit planner will help you provide your clients with a workable framework to teach them to be stylish without your help, relying on their natural sense of beauty.

The template may also include space for notes, weather considerations, and occasions or activities for which the outfit is intended. They also may offer to collect pictures of others’ outfits you want to try yourself. Once again, if you’re a professional stylist, the ability to create such a mood board will help you guide your clients and show them possible options for composing their outfits on their own.

If you don’t like the idea of planning your outfits or rely on your spur-of-the-moment decision, you still may utilize an outfit planner template. Choosing outfits for work may not be a responsible task, and you can freely wear the same outfit you had yesterday—the same situation when you spend time with your friends. An oversized T-shirt won’t change their feelings for you. However, there are special days and occasions when we must look stunningly.

A wedding planning outfit is a useful tool not only for a bride or groom but for maids of honor, best men, and other guests as well. It helps decide on the best outfit or outfits (if you plan to change during the day) for the occasion.

A vacation outfit planner will help you prepare for your trip. It ensures you take with you items that are easy to combine, so you won’t need ten pieces of everything to look fantastic. Also, it will help you plan your vacation wardrobe depending on the place you’re going to visit. Let’s admit that we need two entirely different collections of clothes for spending time in Italy and in Norway.

Utilizing an outfit planner template offers you numerous benefits:

  1. Time-saving:

Your morning won’t start and end with deciding what to wear today.

  1. Stress reduction:

Having a plan for your outfits minimizes the stress and anxiety associated with last-minute outfit choices. 

  1. Enhanced organization:

An outfit planner promotes better organization of your clothing and accessories, making it easier to locate and utilize items in your closet.

  1. Improved styles and creativity:

It allows you to think strategically about your outfits and discover new ways to express your personal style.

  1. Budget-consciousness:

This helps you avoid unnecessary shopping and make more mindful purchasing decisions, saving money in the long run.

  1. Adaptability and flexibility:

This allows you to choose appropriate outfits based on specific needs, ensuring you are comfortable and well-prepared for different situations throughout the day.

When do I need wardrobe planning?

There are multiple situations when you may need to consider making outfit planning a part of your routine. Here are some most eloquent:

  1. You struggle to select an outfit from your wardrobe when you're in a hurry.
  2. You rarely wear a significant portion of the clothes you own.
  3. You don't feel confident or your best in any of your outfits.
  4. You feel out of context with your outfits wherever you go.
  5. You feel that people around you always have better outfits than you.
  6. You lose confidence because of your outfits when you are with other people.
  7. Your wardrobe lacks organization and is in disarray.
  8. You never maintain a shopping list for new clothes and don't adhere to a clothing budget.
  9. You feel clueless about how to create different outfits with the items you already have due to the chaotic state of your wardrobe.

An outfit planner template will help you implement this kind of planning into your life painlessly. By providing you with a ready-to-use framework, it saves you from creating and customizing documents. It takes the most unpleasant formal part of planning away.

How to plan an outfit?

Determine your wardrobe requirements

When it comes to your wardrobe, it's important to go beyond the basics, like a white T-shirt, black pants, and a little black dress. Instead, let's focus on identifying specific wardrobe needs that align with your unique circumstances.

Consider the following factors when determining what your wardrobe should consist of:

  1. Lifestyle: 

Reflect on your daily activities. Do you work outside the home or from home? Does your job involve significant fieldwork or require you to spend long hours in an office? Does your office have a dress code you must follow? Are you a stay-at-home mom or retired?

  1. Climate: 

Take into account the weather conditions in your location. Is it humid? Is it predominantly cloudy? Do you experience colder or warmer temperatures?

  1. Appearance: 

Consider your body shape and complexion. Which colors and clothing styles flatter your body type?

  1. Personal preferences: 

Explore how you express yourself through clothing. What are your style preferences and dislikes? What values do you embody? How many clothes do you realistically need?

By considering these factors, you can better determine your specific wardrobe needs, allowing you to curate a collection of clothes that suit your lifestyle, climate, appearance, and personal preferences.

Assess your wardrobe

Once you clearly understand what should be included in your core wardrobe, it's time to review the existing items in your closet and check whether they suit your needs.

Take a thorough look at what you already have. Are the pieces suitable for the current season or the specific period you plan for? Are they still in good condition? Maybe that favorite pair of jeans you’ve been wearing since high school deserve to have a rest. Pay attention to black items as they tend to lose color very quickly and might be the exact detail that makes the whole outfit look bad.

Try on the clothes and accessories that align with your needs to create complete outfits. It may take some time, yet it’s necessary because we can not always visualize everything successfully.

It's important to pre-plan entire outfits because, sometimes, a wrong accessory choice can undermine an otherwise perfect outfit. Experiment with different combinations of jewelry, bags, shoes, and other outer elements. 

As you try on different outfits, take notes or, even better, capture pictures. That will help you keep track of the looks that work well and those that you particularly love.

A significant advantage of reviewing your wardrobe is that it allows you to identify items you no longer use or need. You can then declutter them and create a shopping list for necessary replacements or additions.

Schedule your planning day

Select a day when you have enough time to organize your outfits for the upcoming week. The day may depend on your schedule. It also may change occasionally when you need to participate in unexpected events or activities.

If you already engage in meal prepping and other weekly planning activities, make it a point to gather your outfits on the same day. This approach makes remembering and incorporating it into your routine easier, helping you develop a consistent habit.

Make sure to check the weather forecast

Next, it's crucial to assess the upcoming weather for the week. It is essential to examine the forecast before planning your outfits when the weather may change in autumn or spring severely during a couple of days. The weather can be quite unpredictable, with mornings being extremely cold and afternoons scorching hot and vice versa. 

By considering the weather when choosing what to wear, not only will you be stylish, but you will also ensure your comfort. Layering becomes key during this time of year, allowing you to add warm clothing in the chilly mornings and remove layers for the hot afternoons.

Envision your upcoming day

Before organizing your outfits for the coming week, it's essential to visualize the activities and events you'll be engaged in. That’s why it will be easier if you’re engaged in weekly planning. Your outfit planning will be its natural continuation, and you never would be out of context with your looks. 

So, what is waiting for you this week? Will it be lengthy workdays and no play? Maybe there also will be a half-day at the office followed by an office party? Perhaps a day of shopping with friends or a partner? A trip? A hiking day outside the city? Or simply a casual day dedicated to cleaning? It could be something in between.

By understanding what your day holds, you can plan your outfit to be stylish and practical. That is one of the advantages of outfit planning. You won't find yourself rushing to put something together only to feel uncomfortable and annoyed in your high heels when you have to walk a lot. When yo

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