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Student Workspace

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A free workspace template that will help students organize their studies, keep to-do's, take notes, and visualize their dreams. It has everything you need so that no thought, idea, or learning material gets lost in the chaos of information.


Student Workspace

A free workspace template that will help students organize their studies, keep to-do's, take notes, and visualize their dreams. It has everything you need so that no thought, idea, or learning material gets lost in the chaos of information.

Student personal workspace template

Student's life is more than lectures, books, projects, essays, etc. It's the time when a person actively discovers the world around them and finds their place in this world. No wonder so many students are stressed by everything they have to manage. The balance between academic life and personal life might be quite hard to reach. However, thankfully, it's not impossible to reach.

Aesthetic templates for students can help juggle multiple responsibilities, leaving no room for stress and missed deadlines. They help with keeping your academic performance at a stably high level, encouraging you to do your day-to-day tasks and ensure your student life is not only studying with no fun.

Why do students need a centralized student hub for their studying process?

xTiles free templates for students provide pre-designed workspaces where you can easily organize class schedules and study routines, plan projects, collect ideas, etc. It's your own student hub where you can get everything you need just in a few clicks.

Here are a few reasons, among many, on why students need to integrate a united workspace into their studying routine:

  • For having one place of truth for all their subjects, tests, assignments, resources, etc., for saving time on switching when studying.
  • For releasing the information overload from their head.
  • For working on their personal growth while keeping academically successful.
  • For keeping track of all of their daily tasks, whether study-related or not, to be ready for important dates and exams.
  • For staying organized no matter what.
  • For better understanding of what they are working on.

Many attempt to create their own workspace for their student needs on their own. Needless to say, the task is quite complicated even if you have certain knowledge in how to organize the process. Everything is much harder when you've already accumulated many many tasks and assignments. Pre-designed templates can save you from this burden.

Specifically designed for students, with their busy schedules in mind and all pitfalls of university life, these templates help to stay organized, focused, and on top of your tasks at all times. Medical students, students preparing for their exams, students with multiple assignments, etc., will find these templates life-savers and game-changers.

xTiles Student Template for easier leaving and well-being

Thankfully, there are many ready-to-use solutions on the market right now. From Notion templates, to much simpler pre-designed Excel spreadsheets to organize your studying routine. However, they are not the same and will bring different results. For example, Notion templates might seem quite a riddle if you have never used Notion before. A free Notion template might be quite tempting because you invest nothing, but you need to remember that your time costs more than money you might spend.

So, what is an alternative to free aesthetic Notion templates? Something you will need to pay for? Not at all. xTiles offers you a much easier and economical alternative. The xTiles Student Template is free, easy to use (no previous onboarding is needed), and intuitive. You can arrange literally anything through simple drag-and-drop.

Moreover, unlike a Notion workspace, xTiles offers a workspace that is simple, visual, fully customizable, and flexible, meaning you're the one who decides, not the software.

One more feature that Notion templates lack and that is a must-have for a multi-level organization is the ability to change the structure when you need it. With Notion templates, you will have to define your project's structure at the very beginning and then stick to it, with xTiles you can change anytime you like. Structure your blocks and tiles into collections when you need it.

Also, xTiles offers a solid alternative to well-known free Notion templates for students like a minimalist Notion template, a Notion habit tracker, a Notion dashboard, and aesthetic Notion templates. The alternative where you don't have to learn one more thing because you're already overwhelmed with the things you need to learn and understand. A few clicks on this page, and you're ready to go.

How to use the xTiles Student Template?

Our Student Template consists of a few pages to help you divide what you need to study, and what you need for yourself.

The first page is dedicated to your subjects. Each of them is in the form of Collections, it's our special databases that exist in your workspace without disturbing its concise visuality. Name them after your actual subjects, add or delete a few if needed. Inside, you can take notes, indicate key points, add useful insights, highlight what you need to focus on, etc. Also, this structure is perfect for spaced repetition.

Also, on the first page you can schedule tasks and track their progress. It has a separate section for taking notes on the go and nested elements for different checklists like research papers and exam checklists because we know you mean business when you study.

The second page is a habit tracker because when you're a student you have to learn and earn as much of everything as possible to be fully prepared when school is over and adult life starts. Choose the habits you want to work on, add them to a table and track your progress regularly. Also, you can add some visual elements to motivate yourself.

The next page is dedicated to your reading list, that probably is pretty long. You can divide your books into those you want to read and those you need or want to buy.

Last but not least, we didn't forget about your leisure. The fourth page is for the movies and videos you want to watch. You can add links to trailers or actual videos you're planning to watch and watch them later in xTiles, without going on YouTube and searching for what it's supposed to be.

This template helps with various aspects of student life. We tried to cover everything that a student needs to achieve academic success while still having a thriving personal life.


What are the benefits of using the xTiles Student Template over free Notion templates?

The xTiles Student Template offers an easy-to-use, intuitive, and fully customizable workspace without needing to spend extra time learning a new tool like people normally do with Notion. Unlike Notion templates where you define the structure upfront and stick to it afterward, xTiles allows you to modify the structure anytime, creating new collections or rearranging items as needed. This flexibility helps you better focus and track your studying while adapting to changes.

How can the xTiles Student Template help me stay organized and on top of my workload?

The template provides dedicated pages for your subjects organized into collections, allowing you to take notes, highlight key points, writing down your ideas, and practice spaced repetition. The task scheduler lets you track assignment progress and deadlines. The habit tracker helps you build beneficial routines for being even more successful academically. With all your studying items found in one centralized hub, you can easily complete tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Can I use the xTiles Student Template for more than just academics?

Absolutely! The template includes pages for tracking your reading list and creating a watchlist for movies/videos. This recognizes that students need balance, so the template supports both academics and personal interests/growth. You can add collections to capture ideas or writing projects beyond coursework.

How does the xTiles Student Template compare to aesthetic Notion templates for students?

While aesthetic Notion templates offer visual appeal, they require learning the Notion app first. The xTiles template provides a cleaner, more intuitive interface that doesn't sacrifice functionality. You can still customize the template's look, but the focus is on practical organization over fancy designs that may distract from productivity.

Student Workspace
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