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The free vision board ideas template will help you to gather everything that inspires and motivates you on one screen to visualize your dreams.


What is a vision board template?

First and foremost, it is an embodiment of your ideas and wishes to coordinate and inspire you to bring them to life. It helps separate ideas and what may become one from noise in your head. Besides, you may have a lot of fun creating one, if not limited in tools and elements.

What a vision board is not? A solution to all problems. Consider it to be a sign showing the best possible direction. It is a tool to help you focus on what is important at the moment. It is a tool to create an environment and circumstances that are healthy and enjoyable for you.

There is a certain amount of skepticism about vision boards. However, they are no more and no less than a list of goals, but without clearly defined borders and rules. And, let’s be honest, way more attractive and inspiring than a piece of paper with goals written down.

Some people might feel uncomfortable about adjusting their lives to certain steps/goals/plans on the long distance because their lives are too unpredictable and full of surprises. However, everyone builds some plans in their heads, and it may be beneficial to have them written down (or, in this case, manifested).

xTiles Vision Board Template allows you to collect everything that concerns your dream and customize it effortlessly and quickly. No more long evenings with scissors and aching back the next morning, no more glue or duct tape everywhere, and no more scrapes all around your house. 

If this is your first time making a vision board, our template and the guide you will find below may make your experience rewarding. And if you have made it before, you may try something new to see what you get this time and find some great ideas and suggestions.

When do I need a vision board?

The short answer to this question will be “whenever you want, maybe even right now.” Vision board creation mostly doesn’t require specific knowledge, so you can start whenever you feel ready. Let’s see the most common cases when a vision board will bring you the most benefits.

  1. If you feel that your ideas are raw or that there’s something about them you can’t catch, you may make a vision board. It may not work overnight, but by having all components gathered together, you will eventually find the right solution or needed consistency.
  2. If you want to map out your goals somewhere, but a common to-do list is too boring, then you may make a vision board. It will be a fun and exciting experience. You may also learn something new about yourself by switching from a traditional list of goals to a vision board. 
  3. If you need to be reminded of what you’re intended to reach, then making a vision board may be a brilliant idea. It will be especially useful for people who prefer a visual representation of what they want to reach rather than a couple of lines on paper.
  4. If you want to take it slowly this year (or for a while), then a vision board may be a great decision. It will also help you reconnect with yourself after a burnout or traumatizing episode without pressure.
  5. If an empty check box gives you anxiety, then a vision board is your solution. There are no musts, only inspiration to grow, learn and move at your own pace.
  6. Finally, a vision board doesn’t cancel traditional lists of goals and vice versa. These two will work just amazing together. One will give you an understanding of what direction you need to move, and the other will help you keep control over everything.

How to make a vision board that will work for me?

Trying to create a vision board that will bring results, people usually look for others’ vision board ideas and examples. It’s not the worst approach. You may get a lot from other people’s ideas for a vision board. However, you won’t find out the process that hides behind the board you see, so your board might not be that representative.

Instead, we offer you a free vision board example and a quick guide on how to make a vision board that will work for you.

  1. Reflect on your past year, two, or how many you think are needed.

That will help you to see where you are now and how you got there. A journal or diary would help hugely. However, if there’s nothing like that in your life, no worries. The most important things and experiences are pretty memorable. Besides, it’s never too late to start using the xTiles Journaling Template.

This step defines what worked for you in the past and helps you to decide whether you want to bring it to your future. 

  1. Make a list of your dreams and goals and prioritize them.

For this step, a list of your dreams and goals for a year will come in handy, but it's not a big deal if you haven’t done it yet (in case you want to start, you may try xTiles Yearly Goals Template). Just think about all the things you want to happen this year. Don’t skip anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big like moving to a new country or getting a new job position or something small like getting a new pair of jeans. Now that you have a list, choose what is the most important to you right now. What do you want to come true this year very badly? Well, these things or this thing should be on your vision list.

  1. Find images that will fully represent your wishes.

This step becomes super easy with the xTiles Vision Board Template. Only imagine how many magazines you would have to go over to find what you want. And if you plan to design your board in one color scheme, searching might take days. Only imagine how much time you will spend searching and cutting the needed pieces, and not all of them will end on the board. Besides, many of us have already given up on paper magazines and switched to digital ones for environmental sake.

Our template saves you time and money on buying printed magazines. You just go to Google and search for anything you want. You copy the needed objects, paste them into our ready-to-go template, and voila!

Additionally, you’re free to add any type of content you want. That video of Shia Labeouf’s “Just do it”? Please, put it on your board. The song that means a lot to you? Not a problem either.

  1. Establish a structure for your online vision board.

It might be a board divided into separate sections, each devoted to different spheres of your life, like health, trips, finance, etc. That’s the approach we offer you in our template. We believe it will help you be consistent and specific about each of your dreams. And it will help you to see the progress separately for each section.

However, if your wishes are too chaotic and barely connected, you may choose a form of the solar system, where the main wish is in the center, like the sun, and everything else is around. xTiles is perfectly suitable for arranging this type of vision board too.

  1. Arrange everything in one big and beautiful picture.

If you had looked for vision board ideas and examples before you started, then you probably have already grasped the needed concept. Having references is great, especially if it’s your first time. You may use what we suggested in our free vision template, replacing pictures and other files with ones you like.

Don’t stop arranging the elements until you like what you see. You don’t need to use clippers to see the intermediate result. You’re free to move one element as many times as you wish, and it won’t get damaged or crumpled.

Additionally, you’re free to move any objects even later if you have better ideas or come up with new solutions.

  1. Create and show your online vision board to the world.

If a traditional board is usually hung on the wall, a digital one may be shared with anyone you like. Display it to people with the same lifestyle as you, your friends, and loved ones. After all, it may inspire someone to create their own vision board when not hidden somewhere far from strangers’ eyes. 

Showing your vision board needs courage. If you think your board is too personal or believe that things you want might not happen if you share them with others, keep it for yourself. However, a vision board may be a great way to manifest your dreams. And once everyone knows about them, you have fewer chances to give up.

Vision Board Ideas
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