Creating your own team space

Except for a Personal workspace, any workspace you create can be converted into a team space. To do this, simply add members to it.

  • Go to the selected workspace and next to the title click the button "👤Invite members"
  • Or next to the name of the selected workspace, click on the ••• button to call up the workspace menu, after that, in the "Workspace Settings" window in the "👤Members" section, find the blue "➕Add new members" button;
  • In the "Add members" window, enter the email addresses of future members of your team workspace;
  • When the necessary members are added to your list, click the "Invite" button to invite them;
  • Now your workspace has become a team space and all invited members have already gained access to the projects in your team space. In addition, a trial period is automatically activated so you can start working with the team as soon as possible.

Trial period

The Trial of a team space is activated when the first members are added to your workspace.

The trial period is limited to 1000 blocks for the entire workspace, enabling immediate collaboration. Once you reach this limit, you can still read, edit, and organize existing content blocks, but you won't be able to add new ones. However, you can delete existing content blocks to free up space.

Additionally, there are limitations on paid functionality for team spaces during the trial period.

💡 Note: The paid functionality available with your subscription and at the account level will not be accessible in the Team Space during the Trial period. To activate paid functionality in the team space, you have to increase the plan accordingly.

You can always upgrade your team space plan to Plus, by navigating to the "Workspace Settings" section and selecting the "Upgrade" option.

💡 Note: After upgrading your Team Space, all the paid members will have access to the Plus features within this workspace.

Learn more about how we calculate your Team Space bill.

Permission levels for team space members

Owner: the user who created the team space and invited members to it. Only one person can be the owner.

  • Manages members' access to the team space.
  • Has access to team space settings.
  • In the case of an activated Plus plan, bills come directly to the owner.
  • Has full access to projects in the workspace: can add, edit and delete them.

Members: users who have been invited by the owner of the team space.

  • Have full access to projects within the space: can add, edit, and delete them.
  • Do not have access to workspace settings.
  • Cannot manage member access to the team space.
  • Cannot change subscription plans.

Add or move projects to a team space

To move an existing project to the team space:

  • Hold down the left mouse button on the selected project and drag it to the desired team space.
  • Release the left mouse button after moving the project to the selected team space.
  • A dialog menu will appear, where you can choose the desired action: "Copy" - to duplicate the project in the workspace, or "Move" - to relocate the project to the selected workspace.

To add a new project to the team space:

  • Use the "➕ New project" button in the selected workspace.

Modify team space settings

Each Team Space has its membership and permissions settings. The owner of a Team Space can manage these.

  • In your sidebar, next to your workspace's name, click the ••• button;
  • Click "⚙️Settings".

You’ll see three tabs on the left of the pop-up menu: General, Upgrade, and Members. Below, we’ll walk through the options for each.

General: In this section, you can change the name and image of the workspace.

Upgrade: In this section, you can view available plans and upgrade to a Team Space plan.

💡 Note: This feature is only available to invited members of the workspace.

Members: In this section, you can manage access to the team space, add new users, or delete existing ones.

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