How is that?

Trying to capture an incipient idea and transform it into something solid and magnificent, we tend to have several tools. We do one to save links and images, others to read and edit texts, and others to store video and various types of media. Using multiple solutions is excellent since you look at things from different angles, but the constant switching of contexts negatively affects your productivity. You drown in your routine instead of focusing on creativity.

With the power of xTiles, you can boost your ideas, store helpful content in the most organized form possible, and have no struggle at all. It's like riding a tsunami of information chaos on the surfboard!


xTiles is a visual note-taking tool designed to help you think it over.

Our possibilities:

  • Easy to use and flexible canvas, based on blocks, tiles, and tabs.
  • Seamless data connections via backlinks and nesting to categorize all thoughts.
  • Effortless to be connected online or offline at all times, iOS, Android.
  • Real-time collaboration and editing.
  • One-click publishing to the web.

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