"Tasks" are

"Tasks" are individual blocks that you can create, organize, and track within projects you're involved in or your own lists.

The main benefit of using tasks is to increase efficiency and productivity in project and task management.

It helps create a systematic approach to project management.

By creating separate blocks, you can clearly define each task and assign them to specific team members.

  • Store your tasks along with relevant information in projects, notes, and media;
  • Track all your tasks on the task panel and use it for navigation;
  • Changes you make in one place are automatically reflected in others;
  • Unlike standard lists, you can set due dates and assign each task to team members.

Creating a task

From the newly created tile:

  • Select the tile template - "task";
  • An untitled "task" block will be automatically created;
  • Add a task title, for example, "Conduct concept research".
Creating a task

From a filled tile:

  • In an empty space, click on "+" or press "/" from the block focus;
  • In the open block types menu, select the "task" block;
  • An untitled selected "task" block will be automatically created;
  • Add a task title, for example, "Conduct concept research".
From a filled tile:

From an existing text block:

  • You can convert a text block into a "task" block while preserving the text;
  • Conversion can be done through the block menu, formatting panel, or using "due date" or "assignee";
  • You can add a "due date" or "assignee" to any text block, automatically transforming it into a "task" block while keeping the text.
From an existing text block

If desired, you can add additional details or media files (attachments) to your task using the "expand" feature. These can be text, images, documents, audio, or video files.

Now you have created a task. You can create multiple tasks and organize them within corresponding projects - pages - subpages - tiles - "expand" blocks, and QN. Please note that if you are working on a personal project, the created tasks are automatically assigned to you.

If there are no users in the project yet, you cannot change the assignees.

Manage task settings

Such settings as Due date, Due time, Reminder, Recurrent, can be managed in such ways:

  • Click on the date icon in the end of the task block.
  • Or click on the the block menu at the begining of the task block;
  • Click on the "Due date"📆 icon at the top of the opened window.

Set the task's due date

  • Due dates allow you to set a specific date when the task needs to be completed.
  • A task can have only one due date, and it becomes overdue once the date has passed.
  • If a task doesn't have a due date, it is displayed on the task panel as due "today" and remains so until completed.
  • If a task is overdue, it is displayed as "overdue" on the task panel and in project until it is completed.

The due date for a task can be changed at any time.

Set the task’s due date

Set the task's due time:

  • Click on the date icon in the end of the task block or on the block menu;
  • Click on the "Add time"🕒 in the window that opens;
  • Choose a due time for the task - from the drop-down list or enter it by yourself.

Set the task’s reminder:

  • Click on the date icon at the end of the task block or on the block menu;
  • Click on the "Add a reminder"🔔 in the window that opens;
  • Choose a time for the reminder.
💡Note: If you can`t click on the "Add a reminder"🔔, make sure that there is a chosen due date for this task.

Set the recurrent task:

  • Click on the date icon at the end of the task block or on the block menu;
  • Click on the "No repeat"🔄 in the window that opens;
  • Choose the frequency of the repeat.

Assigning a task to someone

Ensure smooth progress of each project by assigning tasks to other project participants. When you assign a task to someone, it appears on their panel task, and they receive a corresponding notification.

Keep in mind that you can only assign a task to a user with editing rights or the document owner.

Once the user completes the task you assigned, you will be notified.

You can also easily track the tasks you have assigned to others using the task panel.

Assigning a task to someone

View all tasks in one place

Tasks in xTiles can be located within different projects, pages, subpages, tiles, expand tiles, so you may have dozens of tasks.

We have created a task panel that is always accessible at the top of the desktop.app interface and a separate screen available on the mobile.app, so you can see all tasks in one place, whether they are assigned to you or assigned by you to other users in your account, regardless of your current location.

Additionally, you can easily navigate between projects by simply clicking on the corresponding task in the panel. Any changes you make to a task are automatically updated everywhere.

View all tasks in one place

Calendar view for a convenient task navigation

You can also view your events and tasks in the Calendar. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the сalendar📆 icon at the top right of the screen;
  • Click on the task’s title to open the details;
  • Move tasks between calendar cells to change task`s date.
💡Note: You can also see your events from Google Calendar. Click here to learn more about integration.


You will be promptly notified with a message for each task if:

  • A user assigns a task to you.
  • A user changes the due date of a task.
  • A user completes a task you assigned.

Notifications are delivered to the notification center of the service.

If you have push notifications enabled, you will be informed even if you are not currently using the service.
I'm not receiving notifications. How can I enable them?


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